About us

Team Ronald & Louis Traas (“Combinatie Ronald & Louis Traas”) was formed in 2006, with both of them eager to make a good start. The first two years were mostly testing the water: searching for the right formula’s, the right loft environment, a healthy mix of combined pigeons, feed and other products, etc.

In 2008 all the pieces of the puzzle fell into place, and from then on top results came flooding in. Countless championships were won on all levels, with even wins in the national competition. (see button results) Following a temporary move from Ronald, all flying and breed pigeons, with the exception of a number of young and late-bred pigeons and a number of overnight pigeons, were sold through pipa towards the end of 2011.

So a new start was made in 2012, with the abovementioned kept pigeons, their offspring and a number of other pigeons from, amongst others:

Marcel Sangers (Super one day long distance specialist from the north of the country) Koen Minderhoud (Specialist and grand champion at the middle and one day long distance)
Gebr,Scheele (National champion one day long distance)
Henk Melis (Owner of super one day long distance champion and, sire the "666”)
Jan Hooymans (Wonder pair “Jonge Bliksem x Dirkje” with super children ao “Harry”, “Cees” and “James bond” and many many more)

We both like to race all disciplines, but we have a soft spot for the middle long distance and one day long distance races, and particularly Ronald is keen on the marathon races.

At our location on the Havenweg 70, Nieuwdorp in the province of Zeeland, we have a big garden loft facility comprising of four small lofts. In two of these we play 20 couples on double widowhood, and the other two have been adapted to play young birds.

In our attic lofts we keep our breeders. These lofts also comprise two small lofts, one of which has eight places for the marathon pigeons.

We set our goals high here at the Havenweg: in principle we race all our program pigeons, both cocks and hens, on a weekly basis, basically from the beginning to the end of the season. So our pigeons fly lots of distances, end results make the best selection criteria. Naturally all our birds are inspected by hand, and only the best can stay. This selection mechanism combined with the best timely and correct care, has payed off. (see button results).

Ronald has stopped the combination at the end of 2016.
From 2017 I do the combination with my wife Margo.